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I get asked a lot to advice women on how to shrink their fibroids without surgery. So here're my top tips. But first, a bit of background on the issue.

A fibroid is a benign (non-deadly) tumour of the smooth muscle cells of your uterus (womb). A woman can have just one or multiple fibroids as you can see in the image below:
Fibroids in multiple locations in the womb...

However the point of this article is not to tell you all about what a fibroid is - the focus is to tell you how to get rid of it without getting rid of your womb!

Symptoms of fibroid include these main ones: (if you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor to make sure there's no other cause for them)
- Heavy periods
- Painful periods
- Pelvic pain
- If large and pressing on your urinary bladder you may experience the feeling of going to pee often, and not emptying your bladder completely

The basis for this is controlling oestrogen levels in your body because one major factor in fibroids is excess oestrogens and oestrogen-like effects. This is why fibroids naturally shrink when a woman reaches the menopause.

Note that the reasons for fibroids in your case may be different for the reasons in another woman, as you will see below from the lists of causes of increased oestrogens. So you'd need to have a discussion with a Healthy Lifestyle Medicine practitioner to ascertain what is the cause in your case, if it's not clear to you after reading this post:

Causes of increased oestrogens
- Stress
- Overweight/obesity
- Contraceptive pills
- Pregnancy

Causes of increased oestrogen effect
- Substances that mimic oestrogens in your body, such as pesticides used in non-organic foods,
- hormones used in non organic beef, poultry, etc.

(First make sure your doctor has assessed you to confirm there is no other gynaecological condition you're suffering from, apart from the fibroids).

The 8 Pillars of A Healthy Life (www.doctorkem.com) will guarantee you to be free from symptoms of fibroid, because it takes care of these components:

a) Healthy Liver
This includes avoiding things which not only contain oestrogens, but also things which mimic oestrogens, such as certain toxins (such as the pesticides used in non-organic foods) and pollutants (which is why a healthy liver is essential to your total health: it helps your body get rid of these toxins, thus contributes to shrinking your fibroids if this is the cause in your case.)

Practising the 8 Pillars keeps your liver detoxified. In addition, if you suffer from fibroids, I would recommend that you take a high quality supplement that contains nutrients that support your liver function.

b) Healthy Weight
Excess oestrogens are stored in fat cells. Fibroids have been shown to occur more often in overweight women. If this is the cause for your fibroids, then when you lose weight, your fibroids will shrink.

An overweight body is an unhealthy body. The whole point of The 8 Pillars of a Healthy Life is to empower you to transform your body into a healthy body: weight loss is a 'side effect' of this process.

c) Anti inflammatory state
If your fibroids are due to your being in a hyperinflammatory state (which can be the case if you're, among other things, eating the wrong types of food)…eating naturally anti-inflammatory foods may help, eg purified fish oil capsules, cumin, rosemary, hops, oat.

Certain lifestyle habits keep your body in a hyperinflammatory state. For instance eating a lot of processed foods, eg refined carbohydrates, processed meats, etc contribute to this. Lack of physical activity also contributes to this because then your body is unable to produce the substances that protect you from this effect.

d) Healthy Nutrition
The 4th Pillar.
In addition to the basic healthy nutrition guidelines you follow in The 8 Pillars of A Healthy Life, you need to :Avoid food that has been injected with hormones eg meat, poultry. Eat only organic foods as these are free from pesticides. Include non GM soy isoflavones (about 80mg/day) in your diet. Take complete, balanced, bioavailable, comprehensive, high quality nutritional supplements daily.

e) Stress Management
This is part of the 1st Pillar of A Healthy Life.Stress leads to release of cortisol. Cortisol increases fatty tissues and fat cells. Fat cells store excess oestrogens. Stress management is a way to manage your weight also.

f) Sunshine!
The 6th Pillar of A Healthy Life. Vitamin D has been shown to halt the growth of fibroid cells, which could explain why fibroids are commoner in black women - dark skinned people make less vitamin D and thus have insufficient levels in their bodies for it to do its protective work.

Vitamin D helps your immune system suppress tumour activity. Fibroids are tumours (benign ones)

So take a blood test with your doctor (ask for 'Serum (25,OH) Vitamin D levels) and if your levels are below normal, take a good vitamin D3 supplement at a dose of 2000IU per day.

g) Miscellaneous
Needless to say you must stop smoking and other such unhealthy habits, and keep your alcohol intake to the barest minimum, as these contribute to your worsening fibroids.

You CAN beat this, ladies!
You CAN shrink your fibroid!
You CAN avoid needless surgery!

Give your body a chance to do what it does best: heal and restore itself. However, it can't do this if it is receiving less than optimal treatment from you.

That's why I've written this overview on The 8 Pillars of a Healthy Life to stir you up to treating your body the right way - when you do, your body will reward you with health. No more fibroids!

Here's to your Total Health!

Dr Kem


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